• Building Software that matters

We’re a specialized consulting company

We are a tight group of passionate IT professionals with a love for building things that matter. We are strong believers in Agile Software development and in using the best technologies to get the results that matter to our customers.

Our mission is to help you build the RIGHT thing.

Our services

We provide a range of specialist resourcing and consultancy services, complemented by innovative software solutions, to help IT organisations operate more effectively, take advantage of new and emerging technologies and deliver increased value to the business.

Team as a Service

Recruiting and keeping the best technical talent has become a challenge. There is an increasing shortage of skilled developers in Europe.

We offer the best educated and skilled developers of Southern Europe, with guaranteed quality of delivery and a lean mean form of team governance. Our developers are not just selected for their technical skills, but also for their communication skills, their work ethics and proactive attitude.

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At darwinLabs, we focus on 3 main technology stacks: Outsystems, Java and Microsoft.


  • 80% of our developers are certified in Outsystems
  • 60% of our resources have an average of 10 years experience in .NET
  • 40% of our resources have an average of 8 years experience in Java

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How we work

In order to increase communication and control costs, we use a mixed model, with the lead team member(s) at the client location and the rest of the development team in Lisbon, Portugal.We also develop fully near shore or complete onshore depending on the needs of our clients.

When starting a project we travel to your location with a team to discuss face-to-face with you how planning, tooling and communication will be organised and performed. We determine your business requirements using a light weight process focused on rapid feedback. We use best practices of the industry: Test Driven Development, Continuous Delivery and Agile practices even when we execute linear projects.

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  • “darwinLabs is very open to challenges and always looking to find a solution for your problem. Great to work with.”

    Jorge FonsecaBF Comercio e Serviços

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